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By sambaraj (1) on 20th February 2008

Question: CURL enabling in WAMP

Hi ,

i installed wamp in my pc it is working fine

but i am unable to enable curl :(

how to enable the curl please help me ?

i installed wamp in


PHP also i modified in php.ini as extension=php_curl.dll uncommented

not working still pls help ?

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    Posted on 24th February 2008
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    yeah that happened to me too.. tried to fix it but no results…. so instead now i run all my scripts on my server where everything is working :)
    good luck to you finding the solution :P

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    Posted on 9th March 2008
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    well i am running my simple curl apps on my freind’s site :D

    in linux it seems works well only windows is not supported or not given much support :(

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    Posted on 5th September 2008
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    Curl can indeed be enabled under WAMP running on a Windows Environment.

    The steps are as follows :

    1) Close WAMP (if running)
    2) Navigate to WAMP\bin\php\(your version of php)\
    3) edit php.ini
    4) Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll
    5) Navigate to WAMP\bin\Apache\(your version of apache)\bin\
    6) edit php.ini
    7) Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll
    8) Save both
    9) Restart WAMP

    That will solve your Curl issues.


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