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Article: It’s Time to Reveal The Inner Parts of Dell Adamo!


Everyday, there are many computer manufacturers, such as Dell, Asus, Fujitsu and others, launching many new versions of computers (it can be either desktop or laptop) into the market. Honestly, it’s nothing surprise, as most of the computers are mostly the same!

However, there is something you might be interested here. Well, let’s us put our hands together for the Dell’s newcomer, Dell Adamo! Guys, you should have a good and closer look on this Dell Adamo, as you don’t always have the chance to have the first preview sneak on the Dell Adamo laptop, especially the one with its inner part being opened up!


If you have a closer and detail look on the above figure, this Dell Adamo included with a clever locking system to enable it snap the bottom plate of the computer easily. This also means there are no screws are used on the bottom of Dell Adamo.

Beside that, Dell Adamo claims to have 11.1V battery and it allows the computer to operate up to 5 hours. Also, it equipped with standard SSD and 803.11n wireless, where is more superior than the MacBook Air!


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