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Article: It’s Time to Reveal The BIOS Attack Methods

Have you ever wondered that you can apply all the browser, application and OS patches on your desktop, where you machine still can compromise at the lowest and silent level as it could?

Without have to worry about the use of any vulnerability, Anibal Sacco and Alfredo Ortega have demonstrated an effective method for patching the BIOS with a small bit of code, which is allowing them to have the full access control of the machine!


Not that all, the best part about this method is it can be worked on a Windows machine, a PC running OpenBSD and another running VMware Player without any hassle.

The process is quite easy. All you have to do is put the code wherever you want and you can re-infect the BIOS every time it reboots. For executing the attacks, you can root either privileges or physical access to the machine in questions. You can patch a driver to drop a working rootkit, or apply a little code that can easily remove antivirus.

The methods are definitely effective, where the pair is currently working on BIOS rootkit to implement the attack. So, guys, have fun with the BIOS attack methods.

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